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Promoting and Protecting the Health and Human Rights of Sex Workers in the Asia Pacific Region.

About us​

APNSW was established by sex workers in 1994 at the International AIDS Conference held in Yokohama, Japan. Over the years, APNSW has successfully reached out to sex workers in over 22 countries, and supported the establishment of new sex worker groups, fostered solidarity between groups, established partnerships with other networks, and formalized itself into a registered organization.


APNSW is a membership-based organisation. Membership is open to sex worker-led organisations and networks, and to civil society organisations that provide rights-based services to sex workers in the Asia Pacific region and who endorse APNSW’S vision, mission, goals and core values.

Programs & Activities



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APNSW plays a key role in identifying and creating opportunities for sex workers, analysing trends, critically assessing new research and policies, and engages in advocacy with relevant decision makers to improve the lives of sex workers in Asia and the Pacific.