2001 – “Making Sex Work Safe” at the International Congress on Aids Asia Pacific (ICAAP), Melbourne

The first meeting in the Making Sex Work Safe Asia Pacific series was held at the sixth ICAAP in Melbourne. The meeting was facilitated by Andrew Hunter and Khartini Slamah, with support from Scarlet Alliance, Australia.

Participants in the meeting decided that a website, visual materials, performance and film-based version of “Making Sex Work Safe” would be most appropriate for the Asia Pacific region.

Making Sex Work Safe  is a handbook, originally written by Cheryl Overs and Paulo Longo in 1996, which presents some of the knowledge and experience gained by projects involved in responding to the health and safety needs of people of all genders who buy and sell sexual services. (The handbook was updated and printed by Global NSWP in 2011, and is available as a pdf document.)

The two main outcomes of the meeting at ICAAP in 2001 were:

  • To expand and strengthen the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers
  • To document and develop further the art and culture based methods used by sex worker groups in the region, and to use them to produce resources to support health and human rights initiatives for male, female and transgender sex workers.


colourful graphic on left with vertical red text on a black background to the right saying "Making Sex Work Safe" by Cheryl Overs and Andrew Hunter for the Global Network of Sex Work Projects
Front cover of “Making Sex Work Safe” published by Global NSWP (2011 edition)