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Terms of Reference

Consultancy for Preparation of NGO Alternative Report to CEDAW on Rights of Laotian Sex Workers

15 July 2018


Introduction and Background

Asia Pacific Network of Service Workers (APNSW), a regional network of sex workers established in 1997, is a common platform for member organizations in Asia and the Pacific. It has registered as a Foundation in Thailand with a regional Secretariat based in Bangkok. The Secretariat is chiefly responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating, networking and communicating with the member organizations.  It represents over 34 members from 23 countries across the Asia-Pacific Region. The purpose of APNSW is to protect and advocate for the Human Rights of Sex Workers by upholding their voices, empowerment and meaningful participation at the national, regional and international platforms. APNSW is playing a pivotal role to ensure human rights and improve the quality of lives of sex workers by means of evidence-based advocacy, networking, capacity building, research and policy development and reforms.

Working with national sex workers rights organisations in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand, APNSW and its partner the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia-Pacific (IWRAW AP) are implementing ‘Forefronting our Agendas: Combatting discrimination and violence against sex workers through amplifying voices of sex workers rights advocates in and fore fronting their agendas at relevant global and national policy advocacy spaces’. The project enhances the technical capacity of sex workers rights advocates to engage with the international women’s rights framework and provide support to national sex workers rights advocates to undertake a sustained strategy on CEDAW activism encompassing research, documentation, advocacy and dissemination and thereby strengthen the meaningful participation of sex workers rights advocates in the CEDAW review process. It also creates spaces for cross-movement alliance building and networking at the national and regional levels and provide a platform for cross-regional exchanges between sex workers rights advocates from Asia and Africa. Consequently, it strengthens connections and builds networks to mobilise support for CEDAW activism on sex workers rights.

Purpose of the Consultancy

The main objective of the consultancy work is to prepare an NGO Alternative Report to CEDAW on Rights of Laotian Sex Workers.

Scope of the Consultancy

  1. To conduct participatory assessment with Laotian sex workers and relevant stakeholders and obtain information on their lived realities and rights contexts
  2. To conduct desk review and undertake field visits for data collection, as required.
  3. To draft the NGO alternative report.
  4. To conduct a process for validation of the draft report with sex workers as agreed with APSNW.
  5. To liaise and communicate with APNSW to report progress.
  6. To finalize and submit the report to APSNW as per the below timeline:

Time Frame

The consultancy period will begin on 25 July 2018 and end on 31 August 2018 and be subject to the following specific deadlines:

  • Field work to be completed by 10 Aug 2018
  • First draft of report to be submitted by 15 August 2018
  • Final report to be submitted by 31 August 2018


The consultancy fees will be USD 2500 subject to 10% withholding tax.


One NGO Alternative Report to CEDAW on Rights of Laotian Sex Workers (format and outline to be determined in discussion with APNSW)

General Terms & Conditions

  • Any information obtained as part of the consultancy will be treated as strictly confidential and may not be shared with third parties.
  • The consultancy has to be carried out in line with the values and principles of APNSW.
  • Any expenses incidental to the performance of the consultancy will be borne by APNSW subject to prior approval.
  • To apply APNSW Recruitment <recruitment@apnsw.info>,  not later than 20 July 2018 5:00 PM Thailand time.