Our Vision, Goals and Values

Our Vision

Recognition of sex work as work and that every sex worker attains the right to protection and participation, built on the foundation of self-determination.

Our Mission

  • To represent, mobilise and empower communities of female, male and transgender sex workers in Asia and the Pacific region.
  • To promote and protect the human rights of sex workers in Asia & the Pacific.
  • To support the full decriminalization of sex work.

Our Goals

  • Create solidarity and promote leadership among female, male, and transgender sex workers in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Advocate for sex workers rights, including access to confidential, quality and non-discriminatory health services, including HIV, STI and reproductive health.
  • Build regional mechanisms for influencing policy and programs through the exchange of information and experiences.
  • Challenge human rights abuses, stigma and discrimination, and the negative portrayal of sex workers and their communities.
  • Advocate for the removal of punitive laws and policies which deeply affect the dignity, livelihood, working conditions and quality of life of sex workers.

Our Demands

  • An end to human rights abuses of sex workers.
  • Inclusion of sex workers in all forums and decisions that affect us
  • An end to violence and discrimination against sex workers and their families.
  • Access to the same quality of health services available to others including universal access to HIV, TB, Malaria treatment and prevention.
  • Decriminalisation of sex work and other legal and policy reforms that enable sex workers to work safely and to participate fully as citizens.

Our Core Values

  • Uphold ethical conduct by adhering to organisational policies, and at all times conducting ourselves with integrity in ensuring good financial management and transparency, complying with organisational legal obligations and accountability to members.
  • Maintain a culture of respect, trust and unity within the sex worker community, through advocating for our members.
  • Practice and uphold a policy of non-discrimination in all our engagements, including provision of support to members, and recruitment.
  • In partnership with member organisations, work with other community based regional networks, UN and other international agencies, donors, faith based organisations, and the media to build support and ensure adequate resources are mobilised to support our vision.
  • Build partnerships with organisations who share our values and promote the human rights of sex workers.