Regional networks

The APNSW Secretariat is based in Bangkok, along with other regional networks such as:

  • APN+ ( Asia Pacific Network of People living with HIV)
  • ANPUD (Asian Network of People who Use Drugs)
  • APCOM (Asia Pacific Coalition for Men’s Sexual Health)
  • APTN (Asia Pacific Transgender Network) and
  • Seven Sisters (Coalition of Asia Pacific Regional Networks on HIV/AIDS)

External platforms

APNSW is also represented on several external platforms including:

  • Global NSWP  – The Global Network of Sex Work Projects
  • IATT – UNAIDS Inter-agency Task Team
  • UNAIDS Steering Committee on HIV and Sex Work
  • GFAN – Global Fund Advocates Network
  • Unzip the Lips – a platform advocating for the rights and meaningful participation of key affected women and girls in the context of HIV and its intersections with other gender issues