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APNSW’s karaoke advocacy video “One Whore”  parodies the U2 track “One” and addresses issues surrounding the time that  George W. Bush was President of the USA. In 2003, the administration of President Bush introduced the “Anti-prostitution Pledge” to both HIV/AIDS funding (PEPFAR) and anti-trafficking funding. The pledge required all non-governmental organizations receiving USAID funding, including those in the Asia and Pacific region, to adopt policies opposed to sex work.Despite the US Supreme Court ruling the PEPFAR Anti-prostitution Pledge unconstitutionalin 2013, the pledge still applies to international organisations. The pledge continues to be part of PEPFAR guidelines, and it is has not yet been challenged in the courts with respect to US anti-trafficking legislation. (See also the videos “Just Sign on The Dotted Line- The Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath” by US sex worker activist, performer and filmmaker Carol Leigh; and “Taking the Pledge” produced by NSWP.  And also, suggestions on how to campaign against the pledge from SWOP-USA in collaboration with other US sex worker rights organisations.)

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